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Rules and Regs

2019 Schumacher Memorial Day Tournament

Rules, Insurance, and Rosters



Each team is responsible for their own insurance. Insurance certificates and rosters must be turned into the tournament director before you play your first game. Rosters shall have jersey #’s and birth dates. Once the tourney begins all rosters are frozen. Any teams found to be using player(s) not on the roster will forfeit all games and be asked to leave the fields. NO refunds will be given.

Rain Policy:

If the tournament is completely rained out and NO games are played then a 75% refund of the entry fee will be refunded.
In the event of rain, in interest of completing the tournament, the tournament games may be rearranged. Lakeland reserves the right to modify the tournament to accommodate conditions. Every effort will be made to give teams appropriate and safe games during the tournament. Memorial Day Monday may be used to finish games due to weather and/or field conditions.

Team Managers are responsible for staying in contact with the tournament director(s).

Tournament age rule:

A player’s age is determined by their age as of 4/30/2019

Games: All games will be 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • No new inning after that in pool play.

  • Ties are acceptable in pool play.  ½ a win will be granted to each team.

  • Semi finals and finals games will be played out to time frame if applicable.

  • In case of a tie, California rule will be in effect. 2balls, 1 strike, and last batted out on second base.

  • Seeded games will be determined by Record, Head to Head, Runs Allowed, and Runs scored. Mercy rule in effect for all games. 15 runs after 3 innings. 10 after 4. 8 after 5.

  • There are no home teams in pool play. All games determined by a coin flip. On Sunday the team with the higher seed will be the home team.

Batting Order:

Teams will bat their entire roster. Free substitutions in the field are permitted.


Field size

Dropped 3rd

Infield Fly



Continuous batting order

Bat diameter








2 5/8






1 warning per pitcher


2 5/8






No Warning


2 5/8

Bat Restrictions:

  • 2 ¾” BIG BARREL BATS ARE NOT ALLOWED!    There are no other bat restrictions other than this.

Pitching restrictions:

  • There are no pitching restrictions for the tournament. We do recommend following Pitch Smart youth pitching rules.

  • Once a pitcher is removed from the mound he or she cannot return during that game.

  • To intentionally walk a batter a coach simply needs to inform the umpire.

Base Running:

  • 10u players will have no lead offs. A player may not steal until the ball crosses the plate.

  • 11u and 12u players may steal at will.

  • No head first slides advancing to a base. The player will be out. Going back to a base head first is allowed.

  • Courtesy runners are available for the pitcher and catcher only, and only after 2 outs. Last batted out or a player on the bench will substitute. In case of an injured player the same rule applies.

No team will be penalized for an injured player. An injured player that misses an at bat due to injury may not return to the game.

  • If any player has a head injury (whether hit by a ball, bat, player collision, or any other means) AND the player is removed from the game, THEN that player will not be allowed to re-enter the remainder of the game(s) for the tournament unless and until that player is cleared in writing by a Medical Doctor/Physician (M.D.)

  • Determination of Head Injury: That the manager of the team that the player with a head injury is on, shall inspect the player for concussion symptoms. Furthermore, that the manager assumes the risk of the player suffering current and future injuries for keeping the player in the game after a potential head injury and LAKELAND SHALL BE SAVED AND HELD HARMLESS.

  • Lakeland’s position on this issue is “When in doubt sit them out.

Note: The player’s health is the most important focus. Concussion symptoms can be latent and often do not appear for 24-72 hours after the incident. This rule is intended to protect the player and is not meant to penalize any team.


  • The home plate umpire has the final call on any play. THERE ARE NO PROTESTS.


Remind your players to show sportsmanship at all times. Team managers are responsible for the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators. At any time, as determined by an umpire and/or director(s), a coach, player, or spectator will be ejected from the facility.  This may entail an entire team being removed from the tournament. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

Forfeited games:

  • All forfeited games will be scored as 6-0.

Complete Games:

  • 4 innings will constitute a complete game. 3.5 if the home team is ahead. In the event that a game is shortened (other than mercy rule) for weather.

  • Special Championship rules (take priority over all other rules)

The championship games scheduled for Sunday afternoon cannot end in a tie. If a championship game (any medal round game) is postponed on Sunday due to weather/rain/field conditions, then the game(s) will be played on Monday in attempt to get a full 6 inning game in.  If the game is started Sunday and is not complete (3.5 innings completed “if the home team is winning” or 4 innings completed “if the visitor is winning” constitutes a full game) it will be rescheduled to resume on Monday AND if it cannot be completed on Monday due to weather/rain/field conditions; THEN the winner of the game will be the team with the lead after the last completed inning (if there is a tie at the end of the last completed inning and the game cannot be finished on Monday due to weather/rain/field conditions, the higher seeded team shall be declared the winner).  If the Championship game cannot be played at all by the end of Monday due to weather/rain/field conditions; THEN the higher seeded team shall be declared the winner of the game.

Brightondale Park.

  • The park entrance is located at 25253 Hwy BB Kansasville, WI.

  • The park is rented for the weekend. There is a pavilion with grills, extra parking, and a top notch golf course right next door. Teams are welcomed to come and set up shop and enjoy the event.

  • There are no carry ins allowed in the baseball fields at any time.

  • There are no alcoholic beverages, firearms, smoking, or pets allowed within the baseball complex.

  • There is no gate fee or parking fee.

LETS PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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